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Working Hours

  • Monday to Friday : (9.00 am – 3.30 pm)

  • Saturday: (9.00 am – 12.30 pm)

  • Students are requested to be on time for the assembly

Attendance of Pupil

  • Parents are responsible for their wards’ regularity and punctuality in attending school. Minimum of 80% attendance is required for promotion to next higher class.

  • Students suffering from any contagious or infectious disease will not be allowed to attend the class

  • Children, if taken leave, will not be allowed to school unless there is an entry in the calendar leave record, signed by their parents.

Schedule for Payment of Fees

  • The admission and administration fees should be paid at the time of admission.

  • The monthly fees should be paid before the 10th of every month.

  • Fees of all 12 months should be paid compulsorily.

Uniform and Books

  • Every child admitted to this school must wear the uniform which is designed by the school. It should be exact in color, pattern and length/size

  • Students are permitted to attend the school in color dress only on their Birthday and when informed by the school.



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