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Dear Parents,


As you know, just as we were comfortably concluding the term, the Corona virus was suddenly upon us all and compelled us to disengage. Exams were cancelled, School closed and now this lockdown.


But our teachers weren't to be deterred. After a small initial feeling of disorientation, they quickly got to work to realign with the new and challenging circumstances. Your Child's result is ready and they are promoted to the next class! Admissions for Nursery, Kg and primary classes are postponed until the current crisis is over.


Let us in no way be oppressed with the emerging situation. lnstead let's simply stay home and engage with our children in innovative ways in this 'epidemic' time of lockdown. We encourage our children to engage in reading, tending plants, trying new recipes, listening to music, dance, simple yoga and board games etc.


Date for commencement of admission and the new academic session will be intimated to you. Kindly look for the SMS messages or visit the school website for latest updates.

Mrs. Clara D'Souza


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